DYPER Partners With EarlyBird on Credit Card and Rewards

Diaper company DYPER has announced the upcoming launch of a credit card and rewards program.

The new DYPER Card will provide parents with convenience, financial well-being and free diapers, the company said in a Wednesday (July 12) press release.

“At DYPER, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and cater to the needs of modern parents,” Sergio Radovcic, founder and CEO of DYPER, said in the release. “Our DYPER Card is a game-changer, combining financial convenience, investment opportunities and free diapers.”

To offer the card, DYPER has partnered with EarlyBird and with retail partners, according to the press release. The card is powered by Tallied.

The card’s benefits include free diapers upon card approval and first purchase, no annual fee and points that can be redeemed for diapering products, according to the press release.

Through the partnership with EarlyBird, members can also choose to have 1% cash back deposited into an EarlyBird investment account, the release said. The first three months of the EarlyBird platform will be free, and DYPER will match the first $10 invested.

“EarlyBird’s mission is to democratize wealth creation for families everywhere through the power of love, community and capital,” Caleb Frankel, co-founder and chief operating officer of EarlyBird, said in the release. “DYPER has reinvented what it means for consumer products businesses to invest in their customers, by literally investing in the families that use their products.”

EarlyBird released a mobile app in 2020 that it said will make it possible for parents and others to both donate toward a child’s future and deliver a personal message. The app enables the setting up of custodial investment accounts for children and the recording of a video memory that adds “an emotional touch to their financial gift,” the company said at the time.

The new partnership with DYPER taps into a rewards program trend that has recently seen Walgreens launch a members-only event for its loyalty program members and Mastercard and Expedia to partner to launch a new loyalty points redemption solution.