NovoPayment Launches API Platform In Latin America

Earlier this month, NovoPayment, a digital finance and transactions firm, announced news of the launch of its Developer Hub, one of the first such platforms servicing Latin America, according to a press release.

NovoPayment, based in Miami, offers financial and transactional services through a cloud-based platform, the company said. Its clients include banks, financial institutions and others throughout the Americas.

Right now, the Developer Hub offers 37 APIs, which cover a wide range of Latin American regions and industries, including banking, service organizations, insurance, urban delivery and transportation and travel.

According to NovoPayment, several APIs were released alongside its Developer Hub, including those intended for account creation, cash transfers, account inquiries, compliance and customer support tools.

“We’re proud to be joining the open API movement and to do our part in enabling banks, financial institutions, FinTechs and their customers and others in the developer community to transform their businesses and products and deliver enhanced customer experiences (CX),” said Anabel Perez, CEO of NovoPayment. “These tools and others to come will help enable and accelerate the digital transformation of financial services in the Americas, providing a new means for organizations to extend their digital ecosystems, positively impact their customer’s value chains and overcome many common transactional bottlenecks.”

There are several factors that separate the NovoPayment Developer Hub from its peers, said the company. First of all, the platform is designed to support multiple API combinations, currencies and types of use. The Hub also supports an online community where users can discuss development and implementation. Finally, the platform is native to digital space and isn’t hampered by reliance on legacy systems.

NovoPayment also announced that Developer Hub APIs are available in sandbox mode, so users can test them before eventual deployment, with new APIs to be released in the weeks to come.