Pitney Bowes Aims To Make Business Shipping Easy

Pitney Bowes has announced the launch of SendPro Enterprise, a cloud-based multi-carrier and PC postage software solution that gives companies greater control over all shipping activity and spending.

With parcel volume growing from 44 billion in 2014 to 65 billion in 2016, companies are looking for ways to keep shipping costs under control. This new solution offers flexible payment solutions and financing that enables companies to better manage shipping and mailing expenses, while enhancing flexibility and improving profitability.

“SendPro Enterprise is another significant milestone in the evolution of office shipping and mailing, and demonstrates how Pitney Bowes has transformed itself into a growth business,” said Jason Dies, president of Pitney Bowes SMB solutions. “Pitney Bowes is leading the way in simplifying the complexities of shipping packages and parcels for businesses of all sizes. Not only do we provide great shipping solutions for our small business clients and more than 250 retailers around the world, we are now able to simplify shipping for our enterprise clients with SendPro Enterprise.”

Some of SendPro’s benefits include reducing overspending by providing tools to select the right carrier option for each package, increasing visibility and control by consolidating all shipping activity and costs across the entire organization in one dashboard, bringing multi-carrier shipping and PC postage to every employee’s desktop, simplifying shipping payments with consolidated billing, and delivering reporting with a clear analytics dashboard.

The solution is ideal for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees.

“Our institutional customers are looking to save money on their shipping, and they want a clear answer about when they will receive their shipments,” said Fr. Nick Mueller, CSR and webmaster of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. “The ability to pinpoint exactly when something is going to arrive and how much it’s going to cost is an incredible benefit. SendPro Enterprise takes a lot of the guesswork out of our job.”