P&G Enters The Connected Device Market


Product giant Procter & Gamble made its first appearance in 2019 at the annual Consumer Electronic Services showcase in Las Vegas. It is back again this week with more smart technology-enhanced household items.

The company’s devices revealed at the influential tradeshow so far include smart toothbrushes, fragrance diffusers, baby care items, razors, and facial skincare devices.

Lumi By Pampers

P&G refers to Lumi as the “world’s first all-in-one connected baby care system.”

Conventional baby monitoring is enhanced with real-time video connected to an activity sensor detailing an infant’s sleep, feeding, and waste generation.  This data is then distilled into practical, unique insights and user-friendly recommendations for tired parents to use as their child develops through a critical life stage.

Oral-B Sense

P&G debuted a hi-tech, wireless-enabled mouth care system that analyzes a person’s brushing and returns real-time feedback as cleaning progresses. The device also connects to Amazon’s Alexa with voice controls to make smart toothbrushing part of a traditional morning routine including news, weather, songs, etc. The accompanying app displays personalized, sophisticated graphics ensuring all areas of the mouth are sufficiently cleaned.


Airia, a smart fragrance system, allows consumers electronic control to make their homes smell more pleasant.  Household scents can be monitored by the minute and activated/deactivated any time of the day or night. It’s wi-fi enabled and works with any Android or iOS smart device.

The Gillette Treo Razor

Designed for caregivers charged with taking care of others, the Treo razor more efficiently and comfortably lets you shave another person. Another heated razor returned to the tradeshow from 2019, this year with new FlexDisc technology.

The Opte Precision Wand

In development for over a decade, this facial cleaner disperses Opte’s Optimizing Serum over blemishes on your face, calculating the exact amount needed to make spots precisely disappear as if an expert had applied traditional make-up.