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‘Cookies’ Lifts The Lid On Its P2P Payments App

A startup called Cookies wants to be like Venmo — but in Europe.

And as its cofounder, Lamine Cheloufi, told TechCrunch back in December: “The payment field in Europe is kind of broken.” But what was Cookies’ solution? It was a bit of a mystery about what exactly was inside its app. 

And now, Cookies has opened up that jar a bit to reveal just how it plans to change P2P payments in Europe: a mobile messaging app that also allows payments. Which, of course, isn’t a new concept. But what this startup will enable is the ability for a consumer to send/request money via chat and then use Touch ID or a PIN to confirm that payments activity. At least, according to the latest details shared by TechCrunch.

But what Cookies’ people want everyone to know is that this app isn’t a digital wallet. It’s an app that connects to bank accounts. This is also something the cofounders said a few months back, but now, the vision is coming closer to reality.

“We’re not a classical eWallet. Most companies, such as Venmo, are based on an eWallet model,” Cheloufi said in December. “In Venmo, if I transfer money to you, it’s going to be parked somewhere. Then, you have to transfer it to your bank account. From our side, we make a classical bank-to-bank transaction.”

So, what else can Cookies do? Well, that’s still a mystery for now. But if the founders have any luck, they’ll get that “Venmo of Europe” title someday soon.


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