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Goodworld And Verrency Partner To Make A Good World Through Donation Payments

Social payments charity platform Goodworld and Australian payments marketplace Verrency announced a partnership that will create a new Corporate Social Responsibility offering for major banks.

The offering aims to make charitable donations easier by allowing bank customers to simply “round-up” their debit and credit card transactions to the nearest selected amount and then donate the “round-up” amount to their chosen charity.

Not only will customers receive real-time notifications about their donations, but they can also instantly share news about their contributions via social media.

“Goodworld is all about making donations seamless via social media. Together, we realized that we could significantly increase the amount of charitable donations by extending Goodworld's services to banks,” said David Link, Verrency founder and CEO. “An average U.S. consumer who rounds up their card transactions will donate between $150-$1500 per year to charity. This will have a significant impact on charitable giving, while also enabling banks to do some real good for the world, their customers and their brand – all at the same time. We've been incredibly impressed with the Goodworld platform, service and leadership, and are pleased to be able to take their service out to banks.”

There are plans for the service to be launched around the world in stages. It is currently available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

“We're really excited about this partnership with Verrency, whose platform enables a bank to easily access multiple real-time innovations – such as Goodworld – via one frictionless, secure connection,” said Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, Goodworld founder and CEO. “Our goal at Goodworld has always been to make giving more a part of people’s everyday lives, and this partnership is a great step closer to making that a reality. This offering will showcase what we’ve always known at Goodworld – that anyone can be a philanthropist. Even a roundup of a few cents makes a huge difference when people come together to give.”



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