Mobile 2015 Predictions: Loyalty, Integrated Ads

Mobile vendor Mobile Majority was making his new year predictions at a recent panel and he saw Apple still making major mobile waves.

“The combination of iBeacon, TouchID, Apple Pay and iAd can be a breakout,” said Dirk Rients, vice president of brand solutions at the vendor, according to a story in Mobile Commerce Daily. “I think the combination of all of those will be the breakout of 2015. We’ve already seen some numbers that Apple has released in regards to Apple Pay, and there’s been talk of Apple incorporating Pay into iAd. That could be a game changer.”

Rients also said that retailers have already started making the value-proposition with mobile differentiated. “Taco Bell has a product in its app where it’s one dollar in the app and in-store, it’s two or three dollars. It gives a discount for downloading the app,” he said.

Another panelist—Paul Kultgen, a senior VP for the Chicago-based Nielsen Company—saw loyalty integration as the next level for mobile innovation in 2015. “Look at how mobile can create loyalty,” he said, according to the story. “That’s what Starbucks has done really well. I expect Apple Pay to open up that capability. A way to connect commerce to loyalty is where I’d put my efforts for 2015.”