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Facebook At Work, Soon To Roll Out?

Many employers block Facebook at the workplace. Facebook is looking to change that by launching a new paid subscription model for employers called “Facebook at Work.”

Slated to launch this week, word is that Facebook at Work has been in testing mode for more than a year.

The new version of the platform would be fee-based versus ad-based and has been tested out with companies like Century 21, Heineken, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hootsuite and Weber Shandwick. Facebook is banking on the pre-existing massive user base that exists through its main platform.

The idea revolves around employees setting up internal accounts with their employer’s Facebook interface. The service includes group chat options, as well as one-on-one chat capabilities. Overarching the platform, the employer maintains administrative power.

Some experts say this is an audacious move overtly focused on revenue stream. Others say the competition is fierce, though it could threaten Microsoft’s Yammer, as well as Skype for Business.

While Facebook at Work is still in the rollout phase, Facebook is apparently accepting applications to get certain businesses early access for free in order to try the platform out.

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