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Visa Certifies CPI Chip Cards To Extend Market Life

CPI Card Group, a provider in payment card production, announced yesterday (March 29) that Visa has certified its card products to extend the market life of its Visa chip cards to 12 years, which aligns with Visa’s new EMV chip card approval policy.

“Payment card issuers and their technology partners invest heavily in their EMV enablement platforms,” said Steve Montross, president and CEO of CPI Card Group. “Each time a chip expires, another investment is required. CPI is pleased to be a first mover in earning certification for longer-life chip cards.”

What the Visa product line consists of is having cards that match a variety of authentication needs, including online-only cards, dynamic data authentication (DDA) and dual-interface DDA/CDA chip cards. According to the company, these cards enable CPI to adopt the latest technologies by sourcing EMV chips from a large number of suppliers without having to be “bound by proprietary chip operating systems and payment applets.”

CPI provides contact and dual-interface EMV solutions for debit, credit and prepaid running on Java Card, MULTOS or Native operating systems.

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