Curve Introduces Retroactive Charging Feature

Is UX The Key To Mobile Wallet Breakout?

Whether it’s waiting for a paycheck to show up in the bank or accidentally making a charge on a company card rather than a personal one, payment method and online pay accidents are bound to happen to everyone.

One business that’s looking to help is mobile wallet company Curve. It recently announced a new feature that may prove to be a great asset for digitally-savvy people.

Consumers using Curve’s service for their online payment needs now have access to what the company calls the Financial Time Travel option. Through this new offering, customers have a two-week time window during which they can change the card used for any transaction.

This new feature allows an instant refund on the card used and a charge on the intended card. Rather than going through the arduous task of submitting a request for a refund on one card and then physically making a new charge, Curve’s Financial Time Travel feature completes both of these for the consumer — thereby lifting the time-consuming burden.

Another aspect that consumers may find intriguing is that the card switch works in places that offer their own branded line of credit for high-end purchases. This means that customers who visit a store that pre-approves them for a line of in-store credit can then go into the new Curve feature and move the purchase from an old card over to that new, branded card.

This new feature, which is still patent pending, has the potential to change the way the entire payments arena operates.