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The Force Behind Connected Commerce

Cars that can find cheap gas, a table for 2 at a restaurant nearby and advance order milk, cereal and paper towels for a quick pick up on the way home are no longer a wild and crazy idea never to see the light of day.

Software and applications are eating commerce. Well, to be precise, enabling it in ways that are limited only by the imaginations of the innovators who see ways to tuck commerce into the places where consumers and businesses meet to do business. Including cars.

And securing it in a way that is now turning science fiction into fact. Including biometrics that make fingerprints look as old fashioned as mag stripes.

In the March edition of the Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, we have profiled 90 developers who are taking software to the places that it’s never been but consumers and businesses undeniably want it to go.


In this month’s tracker, we explore the role of VR in commerce. Trillenium Founder and CEO Hrvoje Prpic is one of those innovators using VR to really reinvent commerce by helping retailers change the way they imagine commerce happening and, in doing that, driving more sales.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Imagine a consumer who has never flown first class – they may know that the service itself is more luxurious but may never actually go forward with booking that ticket. But what if providing them with a virtual look at everything the first-class experience really offers is all it takes to change their purchasing behavior?

Not only is there a chance that customer is likely to spring for the more expensive ticket, but once they actually fly first class chances are they won’t want to go back to the economy seats.

While it may be easy to only associate virtual reality with gaming and entertainment, much can be said about the influence this immersive technology may have in a variety of different use cases. From high-end retail to hotel booking, the potential impact of virtual reality is reaching new industries in very innovative ways.


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About The Tracker

The Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, is designed to provide the payments ecosystem with a view into how software developers are using new technologies to create innovative business opportunities and enable merchants to optimize the ways in which they engage with shoppers today. The developer community within the tracker is separated into three categories: Shopping and Payments, Operations, and Marketing.


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