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The PYMNTS 5-In-1: April 12 Daily Data Digest

Step right up - it's time for the Daily Data Digest.

So what's trending today?

Peter Thiel is stepping up to invest in the tens of millions of Americans with irregular income, The FDIC managed to let a former employee download a whole lot of customer data and walk out the door and Amazon users are voting against Trump.

12 Billion : The number of dollars VCs in the U.S. raised - across 57 funds - during Q1.

77 Million :  The number of Americans with inconsistent large monthly swings in income.

44 Thousand : The number of FDIC customers whose data was “inadvertently” breached by a departing employee in February.

13 Thousand : The number of Amazon users that have signed a petition to have Donald Trump’s merchandise removed from the site.

9: The number of years analysts predict it will take for Airbnb to get to 1 billion booking per year.  

Come back at 5 p.m. today and you'll see what's trending later.

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