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Creditcall Announces Availability Of Contactless Card Reader

Creditcall, the omnichannel Payment Gateway and EMV Kernel provider, announced the availability of the pre-certified Miura Systems M010 contactless card reader to independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators who can now choose from over 30 different device manufacturer and processor combinations.

In a press release, Creditcall said the the Elavon certification, with more payment processors being added in the following months, enables merchants to instantly accept contactless and EMV chip card payments at the mobile point of sale (mPOS).

ISVs and integrators can use Creditcall’s Payment Gateway SDK, ChipDNA, to add contactless EMV and magnetic swipe card acceptance with already certified and ready-to-use card readers, such as Miura’s. ChipDNA future-proofs POS and mPOS solutions with the integration of the latest NFC contactless technology, while it closes the EMV adoption gap by bypassing the certification bottleneck.

With Miura’s M010, merchants can interact with customers in-store, in pop-up or tactical locations, accepting contactless with true chip-and-PIN and contactless integration throughout. ChipDNA is Creditcall’s pre-certified portfolio of SDKs, which connect POS, mPOS and eCommerce solutions with Creditcall’s payment gateway. It reduces integration time and resources without the need for complex and lengthy processor certifications, while providing the latest in payment security, including point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization and remote key injection (RKI). ChipDNA SDKs are available in a variety of common programming languages, including Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

“Miura’s hugely popular M010 chip, swipe and contactless card reader is one of the most versatile devices on the market, enabling merchants to take payments whilst mobile, in-store or from the countertop” said Dan Salmons, CEO of Miura Systems, in the press release. “We’re delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Creditcall in the U.S. They’re just the kind of partner we like, helping to make the M010 experience as seamless for merchants as it is for consumers.”


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