Pop-Up Stores Popping Up In Malls — Here’s Why

Malls are turning to more pop-up stores.

More and more malls are dedicating space to the pop-up style of short-term retailers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Mall landlords are turning to short-term retailers known as ‘pop-up stores’ to attract shoppers and boost revenue as department stores and other tenants struggle to combat the growth of online commerce,” according to WSJ.

Larger shopping groups, like Westfield Corp. or Simon Property Group, are “dedicating more staff and mall space to the short-term stores, which once were seen only as seasonal business opportunities to drive foot traffic during holidays or transitory fillers to address temporary vacancies.”

The plus for the malls and the retail brands is the “easy accessibility” of the space (compared to having to sign a five- to 10-year lease), which allows the brand to focus on offering the best, newest and freshest of its available offerings.

“Pop-up stores that introduce local brands, perform demos and offer shoppers an elite selection of products or allow them to interact directly with designers can help drive traffic to other tenants," according to WSJ.

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