Sears Is Selling Paint Again

Sears is looking into alternate options for improving on its falling sales after losing $471 million in its first quarter of this year.
Sears is back in the paint game.

In an effort to get back into the home improvement market, Sears announced on Tuesday (Aug. 30) that it is bringing back paint sales to its stores.

The big-box retailer will carry more than 2,400 different colors and range of different paint brands, with everything from Easy Living for $2.49 to Weatherbeater at $33.99, according to USA Today.

Sears will also begin carrying painting accessories, like paintbrushes and drop cloths, and will have a sales team in each store to assist customers with purchases.

Sears stopped selling paint in 2012 but now plans to bring it back gradually, starting in a handful of stores before rolling it out to all its stores.

The return of paint — and possibly other home improvement accessories —  could open up a new and badly needed revenue stream for Sears, which recently reported a loss of $395 million on its most recent quarterly earnings.

Sears is also investing more in appliances and home services and, in May, opened its first store that exclusively sells appliances.

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