67 Wine’s New App Brings Spirits To Manhattanites’ Stoops

Home deliveries have made a world of difference for the retail and consumer world. With people’s hectic schedules, it can be tough to find the time to run errands, especially in areas that tend to favor mom-and-pop shops over big-box retail stores.

As a result, the on-demand sharing economy has seen a boom over the past five years. Many companies have launched services that make it much easier for today’s on-the-go connected consumer. To help make the lives of Manhattanites just a bit easier, one retailer is tackling this head on.

67 Wine partnered with Drync to launch the first-of-its-kind eCommerce mobile app in New York City. Anyone who downloads the app will have the ability to access anything in the wine and spirits’ store’s inventory without leaving the comfort of their home. One of the best parts about this in particular is the fact that 67 Wine is not marking up delivery orders, so customers can receive the same price as those making a physical trip to the store.

Drync’s CEO, Brad Rosen, commented in the joint press release on today’s consumer expectations and how 67 Wine’s target Manhattan market will benefit from this new eCommerce mobile app. He said, “67 Wine’s new Drync-powered app enables them to provide an unprecedented level of service to customers. Consumers today have very high expectations – the Drync platform gives 67 Wine a state-of-the-art, world-class commerce app without having to invest in developing it themselves. 67 Wine now has a new communication channel through which they can connect with their best customers.”

Although there are a few competitors in the market of alcohol delivery, such as Drizzly, what makes 67 Wine’s move unique is that it comes directly from a retailer. This opens up the conversation to the possibility of other retailers developing their own eCommerce mobile app to help keep pace with Amazon, which is helping define the traditional eCommerce company mold of today.