Amazon Moves In On India's ECommerce Market

The eCommerce industry is a highly competitive arena. Amazon's investment in the India region over the past few years just may be paying off.

According to data from 7ParkData, Amazon's share of the mobile market is at 30.3 percent, while India-based Flipkart came in at 30.7 percent. This data also highlighted the growing factor of Amazon as its traffic jumped up 46 percent in Q1 2017 compared with the prior year, while Flipkart's fell by 11 percent.

After a $3 billion investment in India during 2016, Amazon's total investment comes to $5 billion, making it the largest market for the company outside of the United States.

As it turns out, the Amazon app is installed in more India consumers' phones than Flipkart, and it has a higher conversion rate of turning site browsers into buyers.

Although Amazon is gunning for the top spot in India's eCommerce with full force, Flipkart is also working just as hard to maintain its top spot. Just last week, Flipkart received a $1.4 billion investment round of funding that included investors such as Microsoft and eBay. There are also talks of a Flipkart merger with Snapdeal to help try to overtake Amazon's forward momentum.

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