CarStory Market Reports Help With AI Driven Car Sales

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In the automotive industry, consumers using mobile devices to research or purchase items has become common over the past few years.

One of the products for which people are finding details via mobile devices even more these days is cars. According to the Vast automotive AI platform CarStory’s latest Market Report, 81 percent of those looking to purchase cars use artificial intelligence and smartphones for research.

To help provide a more enhanced mobile experience, CarStory Market Reports are viewed as a comprehensive overview of each vehicle and market. Car dealerships use smart technology CarStory to help with sales conversion rates and consumer engagement. The just-released version of this report shows a 300 percent increase in consumer engagement and a 20 percent increase in lead conversions.

Vast CarStory’s Head of Design Neil Everette commented on this new Market Report in the company’s release. He said, “Building on more than 10 years of automotive expertise and data, CarStory is uniquely positioned to apply mobile technology and UX to merchandise vehicles and move more inventory. The new Market Reports further increase time spent on dealers’ websites, in turn driving conversions. When end users are happy, the whole industry moves forward.”