Feather Launches High-End Furniture Rental Service

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After college, people often move into their first "adult" apartment. While everyone may not be ready for the high price tags that come with buying furniture, they do want their dwellings to look chic and stylish.

That's where furniture startup company Feather comes in. New York-based Feather was founded on the idea that people might want to rent high-end furniture, especially during the period between college and the first-time home buying process.

Feather's founder, Jay Reno, commented on the furniture rental concept and reasons behind starting the company.

"The idea here is, it really doesn't make sense to buy furniture between when you get out of college and when you buy your own home," said Reno. "For people who are between college and owning their first home, ownership doesn't make sense for big-ticket items. Throughout this period, people are renting houses. Then their second biggest asset is the car and the third is renting furniture."

In the first two months after the company's initial opening, Feather accrued approximately $50,000 and has earned $8,000 in recurring revenue. While there are no current rent-to-own options available, the company has said it may offer them in the future.

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