Midwesterners More Likely To Fork Out Cash For Wedding Gifts

Weddings can be one of the most costly expenses in people's lives. It's expensive for the wedding couple — and can be for the guests, too. Research from found that where people live may determine what kind of gift a new couple will receive on their special day. Those living in the Northeast and Midwest are more inclined to give cash gifts than people from the South or West. The research also found that Northeasterners are more likely spend more money on a good friend or family member than people in other parts of the country are.

Age has also been shown to be a factor in the type of chosen wedding gift. While the generation of seniors and baby boomers have a clear preference for giving cash or checks, millennials and Gen-Xers more often than not opt for something on the gift registry. This may be due to the older generation's experience in understanding that cash offerings may have a bigger impact on alleviating affordability factors for the new couple's wedding, honeymoon or first home purchase.

With the average wedding costing upwards of $35,000 according to, it's no wonder a major concern around weddings is affordability for everyone involved.

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