Costco Rolls The Movies With MoviePass And Fandor

Movie theater subscription service MoviePass and Fandor, an independent film and documentary streaming service, will be promoting a limited-time option in conjunction with bulk retailer Costco.

A one-year subscription package will be offered exclusively to Costco members and will cover membership for both the MoviePass and Fandor platforms. Subscribers through the Costco partnership receive instant digital access to Fandor’s library and in-theater experiences through MoviePass.

MoviePass launched a lowered monthly subscription price in August of this year, a result of its acquisition by Helios and Matheson. The $9.95 per month rate grew the platform’s subscription customer base to more than 600,000 subscribers — and brought movie enthusiasts back to the theater.

“MoviePass is ultimately about celebrating our love of movies, whether you stream them at home or experience them on the big screen,” Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass, said. “We feel strongly that our subscription model is a major step forward for the industry, and the increased attendance that we’ve seen as a result of the MoviePass service is an encouraging sign not only for theaters, but for the studios and distributors as well.”

The collaborative annual pass will only be available for purchase on Costco’s website for one week, beginning today, Dec. 12, and running through Dec. 18.

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