Ozeaderma’s Specialized Skin Care For The Masses

Most people don’t immediately associate makeup with avid lovers of the outdoors. Cosmetics, on the whole, are often viewed as products for the more indoors, the sorts of people who like temperature and humidity control. Because, as any number of fish-out-of-water stories about “city slickers” roughing it in nature have pointed out, cosmetics don’t wear quite the same way in the wilderness.

Rain, heat, wind, dirt – all have a similarly disruptive effect on a made-up face; and not the good kind of disruptive that upends industries.  The bad kind, that leaves one with streaky-looking skin and somehow worse for the wearing of cosmetics.

But for the team at Ozeaderma, the trials and tribulations of looking one’s best, even in the great outdoors, were less an obstacle than a potential opportunity for innovation. Because although the indoorsy have had the edge in beauty products developed for their lifestyle, Ozeaderma notes that those whose hobbies have them out in the elements may in fact need beauty products more than anyone.

“In addition to drying out the skin, the wind, heat and other elements carry with them dust, dirt and pollutants that generate free radicals and can damage your skin,” the firm noted.

Being outdoors is good for the average customer: Fresh air and activity generally are associated with salutary effects, but being baked, burned and pelted with dust, grit and dirt is not great for human skin and requires special care.  Care that Ozeaderma reports offering in the form of skin-care products that are plant-based, entirely vegan and free of  parabens, sulfates, synthetic perfumes, dyes and petroleum by-products that are nonetheless high performing and likely to hold out through a variety of conditions in the external world.

And while they are not entirely alone in making the healthy high-performance market, Gwyneth Paltrow-backed Juice beauty brands makes similar claims, Ozeaderma distinguishes itself by being a bit more narrowly focused on skin care, whereas Juice is a wider cosmetic shopping experience, a bit less expensive and a bit more concerned about being charitable (Ozeaderma donates five percent of its profits to the Feed America charity).

It is also somewhat more focused on becoming more accessible to consumers through expansion, particularly with a focus on expanding into digital.

Most recently that has included expansion of its products into the Amazon marketplace.

“We are thrilled to announce that our products, including Active Wind Care, are now available to customers at Amazon.com,” said Manon Le Brun, president of Ozeaderma. “Millions of people shop the site every day, and many of them are looking for natural and toxin-free skincare solutions like the formulas we offer. This a fantastic step forward for our brand as we continue to increase our presence in the U.S. consumer market.”

That more recent announcement followed news earlier this summer that the Ozeaderma line will be expanding its offering onto the Jet.com marketplace for that slightly different class of eCommerce consumer.  The point, Le Brun noted, is expanding Ozeaderma’s availability path and to bring awareness of the brand, and the difference it can make in its customer’ skin-care regimen, to a larger audience.

“Our products work great for people from all backgrounds and with all types of lifestyles—in addition to those who are highly active. We believe we offer something new and different to the market, and the response we have received so far has been outstanding. People who want to look and feel their best for a long time to come can benefit greatly from the products we provide,” Le Brun said. “We are excited to take this next step to continue expanding our brand on a larger scale.”