The Vitamin Shoppe Launches Subscription Service

The Vitamin Shoppe customers can now subscribe to the retailer and receive personalized sample kits, Chain Store Age reports. The company designed the service in a collaboration with branding firm Liquid Agency.

“In a world where Amazon is challenging the retail norms, we employed Silicon Valley Thinking to design a subscription service experience for The Vitamin Shoppe that other retailers simply cannot replicate, by leveraging brand equities that are unique only to The Vitamin Shoppe and their customers,” stated Dennis Hahn, chief strategy officer at Liquid Agency.

The Vitamin Shoppe subscription service launched Monday (Aug. 14). Its main feature is Spark Auto Delivery, an automated shipping schedule that enables customers to save 10 percent on their frequently purchased wellness items and receive them on a consistent basis, so they never find themselves without.

The discount applies to more than 1,000 participating products, and subscribers are guaranteed best prices even on non-participating products. They also get double Healthy Awards rewards points and free shipping within the continental U.S.

The Birchbox-style sample kits are complimentary and mailed out seasonally, four times a year, to give exposure to new products. As Drug Store News reports, the company’s intent is to “surprise and delight,” The Vitamin Shoppe said, using a catchphrase that has become critical within the subscription services world.

Subscribers can also connect with certified nutritionists and other experts to receive complimentary wellness consultations and build their own personal transformation plans to achieve their goals.

“While the concept of auto-delivery is not new to the industry, we have created a consumer-first subscription service that combines convenience and savings with engaging experiences,” stated John Hnanicek, chief customer innovation and technology officer at The Vitamin Shoppe. “With Spark Auto Delivery, we are enhancing our customer’s journey from product discovery to delivery by incorporating personalized elements and interactions designed just for them.”