Walmart Pulls Cannabis Christmas Tree From Website

Walmart was briefly helping shoppers deck the halls in an rather unusual way this year — with a $250 “weed leaf” artificial Christmas tree.

Yes, for marijuana enthusiast with cash to burn, there exists in the world a 7 ft. tall tree described in its advertisement as an “alternative Christmas tree ... perfect for personal top shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration.”

Walmart, ever the buzzkill, promptly removed the tree last week — right around the time The Kansas City Star discovered the tree and ran the headline, “Walmart is selling a ‘Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree’ this season.”

On the upside, the cookie cutters shaped like marijuana leaves remain for sale on Walmart’s website, which is probably a good thing — as we imagine the sort of people who would purchase a 7 ft. tall marijuana Christmas tree for their living rooms to celebrate the holiday probably should have a regular supply of cookies on hand.

If you find yourself struck with a broken heart because the pot leaf tree has departed from Walmart’s site: Rejoice! Amazon still has it in stock, and you can still get it delivered just in time for Christmas.