Hyundai Partners With Exchange Solutions On Fuel Incentive Program

Exchange Solutions, a customer engagement and loyalty technology solution provider, and Hyundai Auto Canada announced Thursday (Feb. 7) that they have launched a fuel incentive program aimed at boosting new auto sales.

According to a press release, Hyundai and Exchange Solutions joined forces from July 1 to August 31 to offer a Price Protection promotion, in which every new vehicle buyer got a Price Protection fuel savings card. With the promotion, the price of gas was locked in at $0.79 per liter until Dec. 31 of 2017.

“We were excited to offer the Price Protection incentive because not only is this product highly attractive to consumers, it is unique in the marketplace and allowed our promotional messaging to stand out amongst competition,” said Hyundai’s business development sales manager, Alexander MacLeod. “A large part of the cost of owning a vehicle is fuel consumption. Consumers are increasingly price-conscious, and because fuel price fluctuates, it can be difficult to effectively budget for and manage fuel costs. This is why consumers love the idea of fuel price certainty.”

According to Exchange Solutions, Price Protection promotions can be customized to meet the need of the participating car company. Exchange Solutions said it configures each program to take into account the promotional price per liter, the number of liters of gas each car can get and the average fuel consumption by vehicle. It also considers fluctuations in fuel price around the country. Because the program is so customizable, Exchange Solutions said it delivers the most desirable incentives while also making economic sense for the vehicle sellers.

“Exchange Solutions has been delighted to partner with Hyundai to offer our most compelling fuel incentive, Price Protection. This promotion has been tremendously successful for Hyundai, driving vehicle sales throughout Canada,” said managing director Jennifer Trant in the same press release. “Fuel is a common-sense incentive for automotive customers. Almost 80 percent of Canadians rely on vehicle transportation, traveling 20,000 kilometers a year and buying gas at least once a week. They care deeply about gas prices, monitor price fluctuations and actively seek out deals on fuel.”