Voice Shopping Is Taking Over The World, Literally

It appears consumers worldwide are migrating to voice, according to the latest edition of the Capgemini Consulting Digital Transformation Institute Conversational Commerce survey. Based on the results of conversations with 5,000 consumers in the U.S., France and Germany, the survey found 40 percent of consumers plan to use voice assistants as a substitute for apps or mobile sites within the next three years.

Capgemini further found that 81 percent of users have already tried voice assistants via their smartphones, and approximately 32 percent have tried them with a smart speaker. In addition, nearly 21 percent of respondents have used voice on a screened device like an Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show.

According to the survey’s breakdown, 35 percent of polled users have ordered clothes via voice and 31 percent predict they will use a voice assistant in place of going to a physical shop within the next three years.

The Capgemini study results line up with recent data from PYMNTS in connection with voice-activated commerce. The PYMNTS/Visa How We Will Pay survey indicated that consumers are already pursuing connected commerce experiences through a variety of devices, and are highly enthusiastic about doing so more frequently as the technology advances.

Apart from the statistical data, a quick glance at the items on offer at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) indicated all segments of tech, retail and industry are beginning to converge on voice as the next wave of interaction with the average consumer. The challenge is capturing that average consumer — and doing so while he or she is still available to be captured. Fewer than 30 percent currently have voice-activated, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered speakers to call their own.

But those who do have the devices seem to like recommending them. Worldwide, 37 percent of users noted intentions to share their positive experiences with the technology with their friends and family. In voice, as in most things, good word of mouth counts for a lot.


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