Amazon Helped SMBs Earn More Than $160B In 2018

Amazon Helped SMBs Earn More Than $160B In 2018

In the digital age, Amazon has reportedly aided millions of small businesses in flourishing. The eCommerce retailer claims it has helped 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses (SBMs) in the U.S. to take in more than $160 billion last year, USA TODAY reported.

In a statement cited by the outlet, Amazon Worldwide Consumer Division CEO Jeff Wilke said, “As we work to help them grow their businesses, we are making big investments in our delivery network, data centers, AI research (and) robotics.”

Authors as well as owners of small businesses grow their operations by publishing through the retailer’s eBooks unit, selling in the company’s stores and tapping into its web services. At the same time, developers and builders that make Alexa-enabled devices bring in revenue through selling on the biggest marketplace in the nation. The retailer claims that 90 percent of Alexa-enabled devices were created by someone outside of the retailer.

The news comes as it was reported in April that small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) drive the sales of more than half of all units sold on Amazon. At the beginning of the month, the company also announced that it has rolled out 50 new services and tools since the beginning of the year and that it “spends billions” to assist SMBs in selling more online and growing their operations.

The most recent release, it was reported at the time, included the introduction of selling tools and services across Seller Central, Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Advertising. Brand Analytics, which includes data on popular search terms and comparable products, helps merchants more strategically position and market their products. And Amazon’s Global Registration Experience helps merchants expand worldwide.