Walmart Debuts Earth To Skin Product Line


With only products that cost less than $10, Walmart debuted its new Earth to Skin skincare line. The products are made with more natural ingredients and don’t have ingredients such as phthalates, sulfates, parabens or petrolatum, People Magazine reported.

The line encompasses 28 different products such as toners, face cleansers, day creams, serums, eye creams and night creams. They come in four collections, which are Tea Time, Super Fruits, Honey and Super Greens. And the outlet noted that the groups are created for specific skin challenges.

Ancient tea extracts come with benefits for anti-aging that brighten as well as tighten the skin, while honey has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Super greens such as kale, cucumbers and green pumpkins contain properties that fight impurities and toxins. And super fruits such as blueberries, watermelon and avocado are known for rejuvenating characteristics.

The outlet noted that the “clean beauty” term has become a buzzword in the industry in recent times. And, with the growing trend, shelves in stores have been filled with many natural skincare and makeup offerings. “While most clean beauty products don’t come cheap,” the outlet notes, everything in the Walmart product line comes at a price of less than $10.

In separate skincare product news, Amazon unveiled a line of skincare products called Belei earlier this year. They come in post-consumer recycled resin bottles to provide solutions for various types of skin. The collection has 12 different items, which range from retinol moisturizer to vitamin C serums. Head of Beauty for Private Brands Kara Trousdale said in an announcement for the product line, “Our goal is to help customers spend less time and money searching for the right skincare solutions.” Trousdale continued, “We took a simple, no-nonsense approach when creating Belei, developing products with ingredients that are both proven to deliver results and also offer customers great value for the quality.”