Hair Clippers In Demand As Shoppers Need Haircuts Amid COVID-19

Hair Clippers

The shopping habits of U.S. consumers are providing a reflection on how the COVID-19 pandemic keeps changing and impacting everyday life. Hair coloring products and hair clippers are now in high demand after toilet paper, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer were popular in the first phase of panic buying, CNN reported.

Consumers purchased games, puzzles, and other types of entertainment in addition to education after buying food and consumable items. Sales are currently indicating that consumers are beginning to require haircuts. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said per the outlet, “You see more beard trimmers and hair color and things like that. It’s interesting to watch the dynamic play out.”

U.S. consumers have turned into do-it-yourself stylists as well as barbers as salons throughout the country have closed for a time to keep social distancing. In the week concluding April 4, spiral ham was supreme, but Nielsen data also indicate that consumers were beginning to move toward other items for grooming.

Hair clipper sales skyrocketed by 166 percent, while hair coloring items increased 23 percent from the time a year prior per Nielsen. Baking yeast sales also increased more than any other kind of consumer good item in the weeks concluding March 21 and March 28. In addition, spiral hams were in high demand.

And in the week that concluded March 14, paper towels, facial tissue and bath tissue products experienced sales jumps in the triple digits. Aerosol disinfectant sales jumped 519 percent in the same week per Nielsen.

In separate news, the COVID-19 crisis has also led to an increase in pet food sales as consumers are panic buying food for their pets. Pet food has joined hand sanitizer as essential items as consumers stock up to ensure their pets are fed over the coronavirus pandemic.

Pet food sales at Walmart, Petco and Costco have reportedly all increased. In addition, it was noted in a past report that Petco decided to stay open over the crisis.



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