Samsung Makes 5G Available To Consumers With Galaxy S20 Phones


With its newest Galaxy S20 flagship phones, Samsung is providing customers with 5G devices in the U.S. and many other markets even if they don’t use the 5G connectivity feature. The base model for this year also comes at a price that is $250 higher than last year’s least advanced Galaxy S10, with the Galaxy Z flip serving as the only phone the tech company rolled out this week sans 5G, CNET reported.

5G highly bolsters the coverage, responsiveness and speed of wireless networks. They reportedly operate at 10 to 100 times speedier than a usual cellular connection in the present day. As a large advancement in mobile network technology as of 4G’s introduction 10 years ago, it could have big implications for consumer’s lives. Those promises have reportedly not be fulfilled.

According to Counterpoint Research, 5G phones comprised 1 percent of the total market last year. The percentage should reportedly rise to 18 percent this year. Samsung Electronics America Head of Product Management and Marketing Suzanne De Silva said per the report, “We feel like this is the year that 5G is going to go mainstream.” De Silva continued, “5G is going to give consumers a reason to upgrade.”

The next-generation networks are currently operation in some portions of the country as well as other nations worldwide, yet coverage has not been in perfect. And, as it so happens, some types of 5G aren’t reportedly that much quicker than 4G.

In January, news surfaced that Samsung Electronics was acquiring network services provider TeleWorld Solutions (TWS) to develop the next generation of wireless. TWS becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung with the arrangement, while letting it service current customers as 5G becomes a growing focus beyond only smartphone connectivity per news at the time.

TWS, which is based in Virginia, has a specialization in radio frequency (RF), network design services, installation, optimization and testing for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other companies throughout the United States.


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