Alphabet Is Eyeing A Big Investment In Lyft

It seems Alphabet may be about to make a billion-dollar investment into ridesharing service Lyft — though whether it’s Google or some other part of Alphabet contemplating the buy-in remains a bit of an unknown, given Alphabet’s size and number of investment arms.

That report comes care of Bloomberg — though it is corroborated by separate reports in Axios that indicate that “top-level company executives like Alphabet CEO Larry Page” are pushing the deal.

“Convos began around a month ago. I don’t know how close it is at this exact moment, unfortunately,” tweeted Axios reporter Dan Primack.

Google had previously been an Uber investor — though that relationship is less flowers and chocolates than it once was since Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving cars unit, sued Uber on allegations that an engineer who left Waymo stole some information on the way out the door that he brought over to his new job at Uber.

Neither Alphabet nor Lyft has any comment at this time.

Lyft has raised over $2.5 billion so far. The ride-hailing company most recently raised $600 million in April 2017.


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