Fair’s Vehicle Rentals By The Week For Uber Drivers To End In April


The Fair Go program, which allowed Uber drivers to lease vehicles through short-term arrangements, is coming to an end, Fair reportedly announced at an all-hands meeting on Thursday (Feb. 6). The program will stop in April, according to reports.

A spokesperson said, according to reports, “Due to an unexpected increase in insurance premiums that would have significantly raised prices for Fair’s rideshare drivers, we will wind down our weekly rideshare service over the coming months.”

The spokesperson continued, in part, “We are working to minimize the disruption for Fair’s rideshare drivers, including notifying these customers of the status of their subscription in the coming weeks.”

A representative from Uber said, according to reports, “Unlocking options for vehicle access so drivers can earn with Uber remains a top priority. We’re thankful for Fair’s collaboration, and their contributions to our vehicle rental program.”

The representative continued, “We’re continuing to invest in rental partnerships, and building more flexibility beyond hourly, weekly, and monthly options available today.”

Drivers for Uber who still want to borrow a vehicle for at least a month can still do so via Fair. The offering that is coming to an end let drivers lease for parts of a week at a clip. Uber reportedly is still committed to providing drivers with rental options with partnerships with Avis and Hertz, among others.

In October, news surfaced that Fair has been paying attention to the fate of venture-backed startups such as WeWork and Uber, which have been struggling to find profitability even with large valuations, and reducing staff in an effort to avoid a similar fate.

The firm is backed by companies such as SoftBank and was reportedly going to get rid of 40 percent of its staff. It was also going to be letting go of CFO Tyler Painter, who is the brother of CEO Scott Painter. Kirk Shryoc was to be his interim replacement.