TikTok Debuts Subscription Comedy Series


TikTok has launched an exclusive subscription comedy series that began streaming this week on the company’s live video platform.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Finding Jericho features creator Jericho Mencke interviewing a variety of characters.

The half-hour series, produced by creator content and collaboration platform Pearpop, will air Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. PT on the the @Jercho1 and @pearpopofficial TikTok accounts. The entire eight-episode series costs $4.99 to watch, although the first two episodes will be released for free to TikTok users.

“We’re thrilled to see this milestone of launching our first digital series for Pearpop with TikTok and what it will accomplish for the brand. I’m so excited about this first-of-a-kind comedy docuseries and proud to show the world what Jericho and Pearpop have created together,” Cole Mason, Pearpop’s CEO, said in a statement.

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The launch comes soon after TikTok’s announcement of a program that lets users pay to subscribe to specific streamers.

Known as Live Subscription, the program provides fans with access to features such as a subscriber-only chat, creator-specific emotes and badges. Some creators on the platform have said they look forward to a “predictable” monthly income.

Earning money as a TikTok creator has traditionally not been easy, although the platform has said recently it wanted to share some ad revenue with creators, allowing live streamers who take part in a creator program to earn tips from viewers.

Under the subscription plan, that system changes, with viewers billed each month and the money going to those making the videos.

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TikTok also recently launched a partnership with open-source eCommerce platform WooCommerce to connect Woo’s 3.7 million stores to TikTok’s one-billion-plus users.

That connection will happen via an extension called TikTok for WooCommerce, allowing merchants to sync their catalog to TikTok and promote their products through ads on the video platform. WooCommerce has said that 48% of users immediately purchased a brand or product after seeing an ad for it on TikTok.