Adidas Originals Debuts NFTs


Adidas Originals on Thursday (Dec. 16) said it will soon launch a non-fungible token (NFT) line titled “Into the Metaverse,” according to a Cointelegraph report.

The Adidas Originals digital assets will be access tokens, meaning holders will have exclusive access to future merchandise, physical and digital product and services, rewards within the land plot in The Sandbox and more.

Adidas will begin selling its NFTs on its company website on Friday (Dec. 17) at a starting price of 0.2 ETH, which is about $810.

“They have been very thoughtful and deliberate on their entrance into the space,” NFT influencer GMoney told Cointelegraph. “I think they will help empower communities and creators by building together.”

Adidas Originals announced its jump into the metaverse with partnerships with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney and PUNKS Comic. The company says digital worlds that constitute the metaverse will be a place “where anyone can express their most original ideas and be their most authentic selves.”

Adidas also purchased Ape #8774 — a blue-furred, heart-bespectacled ape with a fisherman’s hat and gold hoop earning — on Sept. 17 for 46ETH, a little over $150,000 at the time. The ape was displayed in an Adidas tracksuit with the logos of the three respective partners, and a sideways Adidas logo.

“I have been speaking to them since April, helping to guide them in their strategy, offering feedback on ideas, to make sure that they enter the space in a truly authentic manner,” GMoney told Cointelegraph. “And I think we’re seeing that play out now, as Adidas has had the most authentic entry into the space so far.”

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