FinTech WEX, Bestpass Launch Toll Management Tool

FinTech service provider WEX has teamed up with Bestpass, which provides toll management solutions for commercial fleets, to launch a new product, according to a Wednesday (Jan. 26) press release.

“WEX Fleet Tolls powered by Bestpass gives WEX’s over-the-road (OTR) customers the option to pay with their existing WEX card instead of pre-paying into tolling accounts,” thus simplifying the toll process, the release stated.

“Partnering with Bestpass offers our customers the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge payment technology to improve toll management strategy,” Tim Hampton, senior vice president and general manager of WEX’s OTR business, said in the release. “Paying only for accrued tolls frees up valuable capital to reallocate elsewhere within a fleet.”

WEX said in the release that its OTR customers will get the chance to sign up for Complete Pass Scout, a Bestpass product accepted at every major toll road in America. Customers who use the toll product no longer need to manage multiple accounts with the country’s myriad tolling authorities.

“WEX is a proven fleet payment solutions leader, and we’re excited to collaborate in adding toll management to their diverse suite of product offerings,” said Bestpass CEO Tom Fogarty in the release. “WEX Fleet Tolls powered by Bestpass provides the convenience customers desire with support from two companies dedicated to their success.”

Last year, WEX launched a collaboration with electronic vehicle (EV) charging network ChargePoint to provide more seamless integration for mixed fleets.

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The partnership increases access to the largest public EV charging network, which provides on-route charging, and also offers “depot” and “at-home” charging, with the means to boost employee reimbursement.

The companies said the partnership provides a “robust end-to-end solution,” which aids mixed fleets in offering more than one kind of charging, with the aim of streamlining enrollment and centralized reporting and billing.