NEW REPORT: Will On-Demand Fill-Up Fuel Commuter Disruption?

Can a full-service solution help make the rush hour grind a little easier for suburban office park commuters?

Several companies have stepped up to improve the pace of business over the past few weeks, with some notable efforts to improve the service industry — from the introduction of a new service-focused, point-of-sale (POS) system to new tools that help merchants in the food, beverage and merchandise sectors.

Beyond the service industry, other investments have led to the formation of partnerships to help companies secure cross-border payments and broaden omnichannel opportunities.

The April 2017 Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) Tracker™ – a collaboration with Paysafe – highlights the solutions and products that companies are rolling out to innovate and improve the way various players conduct business.

News from the Payments-as-a-Service Landscape

The past few weeks saw the launch of several new PaaS innovations geared toward broadening payment options and expanding financial inclusion in several markets.

The service sector is among the industries to benefit from these recent payment innovations and developments. Software provider PaySimple recently launched a new Service Point of Sale (sPOS) solution specifically designed to help service-based merchants sell their products using a platform that supports omnichannel billing and payment collection.

In other news, a partnership between Preoday and Worldpay could offer a new integrated payment solution for food, beverage and merchandise sellers who operate at coffee shops, hospitals and stadiums.

Beyond new tools for service providers, other developments in the payments landscape could offer help to companies that engage in cross-border trade. First, a partnership between ACI Worldwide and ADSI is focused on preventing 20 million daily financial transactions from being compromised by fraud.

Meanwhile, another collaboration between Unified Payments and Planet Payments will bring multi-currency solutions to Unified’s online merchants, a move that promises to make it easier for these businesses to expand into foreign markets by offering customers the opportunity to pay with their preferred local currency.

When Disruption Hits the Gas Pump, the Gas Pump Delivers

While these companies are working to make business operations easier for companies, another innovative solution could make life easier for office workers — by eliminating the need to stop at a gas station. For the April Payments-as-a-Service Tracker™ feature story, PYMNTS spoke with Frank Mycroft, CEO of Booster Fuels, about the company’s on-demand fuel service and how the solution could benefit suburban office workers who frequently find themselves stuck in rush hour gridlock.

To read the full feature story, and for the latest developments across the PaaS space, check out the Tracker.

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