Former FTC Commissioner To Head Up Microsoft Privacy Position

Microsoft Adjusts Windows 10 Install Target

To help button up its privacy offerings, Microsoft has made the decision to hire Julie Brill. As a former Obama nominee, Brill previously served as a commissioner for the FTC since 2010.

In her new role at Microsoft, Brill will serve as the corporate vice president and deputy general counsel for the company’s Privacy and Regulatory Affairs group.

In addition to Brill’s former government experience, Brill served in North Carolina and Vermont’s Department of Justice in their Consumer Protection and Antitrust divisions.

A Microsoft spokesperson commented on what Brill’s new role will entail: “Brill’s new roll will extend beyond privacy to include areas such as telecommunications regulation, corporate standards, internet governance, as well as legal and regulatory issues around accessibility of Microsoft products. She’ll also be responsible for important aspects of the company’s online safety work.”

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