Dorsey Changes Title From CEO to Block Head and Chairperson

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of financial services company Block, will be changing his title change to Block head and chairperson, a report said Friday (April 22).

That will not come with any change to his roles or responsibilities according to the report.

Dorsey will also keep serving as principal executive officer. Block has reportedly changed its bylaws, which the report said cut out the requirement to have an office with the title of chief excecutive officer and president, which accommodated Dorsey’s wishes.

Dorsey has made moves as of late to align himself, apparently, with some of the criticisms from Elon Musk of Twitter. Musk had recently made noise about a potential hostile takeover of Twitter.

Dorsey had co-founded Twitter, but stepped down as chief executive last November.

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PYMNTS wrote that Dorsey’s first tweet, made into an NFT, wasn’t doing as well as expected after being sold last year for $2.9 million.

At the resale auction it was going for much less, ranging from $6 to $280 or so. The bidding had been on OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs.

The owner had been seeking $48 million.

“The deadline I set was over, but if I get a good offer, I might accept it, I might never sell it,” owner Sina Estavi is reported to have said.

Dorsey’s first tweet dated back to 2006 and had read “just setting up my twittr.” The tweet was going to be listed as memorabilia on the Valuables by Cent tweet marketplace site, which operates to sell tweets as NFTs and had offers up to $88,888.88 as of March last year when it got listed.

A second PYMNTS report followed up saying the NFT received a bid of $528.