PYMNTS’ COVID-19 Brief Series

PYMNTS has surveyed more than 12,000 consumers over the past 10 weeks to track the shifts in their behaviors and priorities as the pandemic progresses. The Great Reopening: Tracking Digital’s Quantum Leap edition focuses on our most recent survey of 2,047 consumers to understand which are most likely to have gone online to shop, pay and order food since the outbreak began. The report also analyzes how many of them plan to continue these digital activities in the future, and what a long-term shift in online shopping behaviors could mean for the broader connected economy.

Key findings in the latest brief include:
  • Consumers who have been the slowest to shift their routines online are the most eager to leave their homes.
  • Four out of 10 consumers have brought their routines online.
  • Consumers’ online retailers shopping habits have seen the biggest shifts.
  • Higher-income consumers are the most likely to have moved their activities online and keep them there.
  • Consumers who plan to stay online are the most worried about infecting others or dying.