The Great Reopening

In the Great Reopening: The Road To A Digital Normal, PYMNTS builds off of our extensive research on consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a comprehensive picture of how it could be changing what we consider a “normal” shopping experience for good. We surveyed 2,047 U.S. consumers about their interest in leaving their homes during the pandemic, the degree to which they are still concerned about the virus’s impact on their lives and how many plan to return to shopping in stores after the pandemic has subsided.

Inside the first April study:
  • 25.6 percent: Portion of consumers who are “not at all” interested in leaving their homes
  • 58.3 percent: Share of consumers who are commuting to work less often since the pandemic began who plan to keep commuting less often or stop commuting entirely even after the pandemic has subsided
  • 225 days: How long the average consumer expects the pandemic to last