Main Street On Lockdown

Main Street On Lockdown: How SMBs Are Coping With The Economic Fallout Of COVID-19 is the first of a series of studies in which PYMTNS examines how the small and medium-sized businesses that line Main Street U.S.A. are coping with the pandemic’s impact on their bottom lines. We surveyed 190 SMBs on March 24 to learn how outbreak had changed their revenue expectations and how long they would be able to remain open without government assistance.

Inside the March 24 study:
  • 88.5 percent: Share of Main Street SMBs that expect their annual revenues to decrease in 2020
  • 178 days: Number of days the average Main Street SMB expects the pandemic to last
  • 30.5 percent: Portion of Main Street SMBs that have temporarily closed their businesses since the pandemic began