Main Street On Lockdown

The Business Recovery edition of PYMNTS’ Main Street On Lockdown study series, based on a survey conducted between May 8 and May 14, 2020, identifies the digital technologies in which firms are investing, determines the methods they are using to stay afloat and explores how a new stimulus funding may change their financial stability. We also reveal our results on whether SMBs are planning to maintain their recent operational changes in the post-pandemic market.

A PYMNTS special report

Inside the May 8 study:
  • 71.7 percent: Share of Main Street SMBs that have either enhanced or added new digital capabilities since the pandemic began
  • 38.3 percent: Portion of Main Street SMBs that have added new digital capabilities because they believe it is the only way to do business with consumers stuck at home
  • 30.8 percent: Share of Main Street SMBs that have been forced to shut down but plan to operate just as they did before the pandemic when they reopen