Main Street On Lockdown

In Main Street On Lockdown: Reinventing The Road To Recovery, PYMNTS goes back into the field to examine how the small and medium-sized businesses on Main Street U.S.A. are changing their operations to recover from the pandemic’s initial impact on their bottom lines. We surveyed 437 Main Street SMBs to learn which digital innovations they were implementing to meet their customers’ demands for digital commerce and payments experiences and which of these innovations they planned to keep, even after the pandemic has subsided.

Inside the April 20 study:
  • 41.0 percent: Share of Main Street SMBs that have applied for PPP loans to mitigate the pandemic’s financial impact
  • 66.4 percent: Portion of Main Street SMBs that expect to generate more online sales after the pandemic has subsided than they did before it began
  • 32.0 percent: Share of Main Street SMBs that have adopted some changes since the pandemic began and plan to keep at least some of them after it has subsided