GoodRX: Subscriptions Revenue Up 125% YoY, Subscribers Top 1M

Doug Hirsch, co-CEO of GoodRx, which offers medication discounts and tracks pharmaceutical prices, said the company had over a million subscribers on its subscription offerings for prescription drug coupons, CNBC reports.

“It’s great. We have over a million subscribers to GoodRx Gold and the Kroger Rx Savings Club,” Hirsch said in an interview on “Mad Money.”

GoodRx has two subscription programs, including the four-year-old GoodRx Gold and the Kroger Rx Savings Club, rolled out in 2018 in partnership with the grocery chain.

Hirsch said the company was still adding more benefits and features to Gold. He said the company was looking to give more value for customers, and that the Gold program had recently been expanded to include discounted telehealth services as well as a mail-order pharmacy.

GoodRx, in a recent quarter, reported $14.3 million in subscription revenues. That’s a 125 percent boost from the previous year.

The second-quarter revenue for the company was $176.6 million, a boost of 43 percent from the same time in 2020, with net income sitting at $31.1 million.

GoodRx Gold is available for $5.99 per month for one person or $9.99 for a family. The program promises to deliver subscribers up to 90 percent discounts on prescriptions.

In August, GoodRx reported a spike in customers, with 36 percent more of them compared to the previous year.

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The company, in a recent earning presentation material, said 70 percent of healthcare providers had said the reason for people not picking up prescriptions came down to high costs more often than anything else.

GoodRx has said on its own site that there are no regulations on drug prices, and that the prices could differ by up to $100, with consumers often reporting personal sacrifices to be able to afford them.

The company said its consolidated revenues were up 43 percent year-over-year and had hit $176.6 million.