Square Working With Apple to Enable Tap to Pay on iPhones Within POS

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Square is working with Apple to enable Tap to Pay on iPhones using new technology that gives sellers more flexibility at checkout, according to a press release on Thursday (June 2).

The latest tech add-on will also offer sellers increased flexibility and an on-ramp to the Square ecosystem at checkout, and a limited amount of sellers can now test the Square integration through the company’s Early Access Program.

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Tap to Pay on iPhone utilizes Apple’s contactless payment acceptance capability within the Square point of sale (POS) app. Sellers of all sizes will be able to use the tool to take in-person contactless payments using just an iPhone and Square’s POS app, per the release. 

Square rolled out early access for the program with select sellers to enable them to start testing the new technology.

“As a seasonal business that’s always on the move, it’s important to have an easy-to-use, reliable mobile option for taking payments,” said Teddy Rojas, owner of Kona Ice Vacaville, an early participant in Square’s Early Access Program. “Square and Apple are making it really convenient to make sure we never miss a sale.

“With Tap to Pay on iPhone, I can process contactless payments quickly, even on cellular service, and it provides a really straightforward experience so new staff can easily get up and running on taking payments on an iPhone.”

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Tap to Pay on iPhone provides sellers with the ability to accept contactless payments with no additional hardware, and is expected to be publicly launched later this year. The tech also integrates with Square’s broader ecosystem of tools that aim to help new businesses grow. 

“Since democratizing card acceptance more than a decade ago, Square has remained committed to lowering the barrier to entry for new entrepreneurs while ensuring sellers can continue to meet their business and customers’ needs with innovative products,” the company said in the release.

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Tap to Pay on iPhone is striving to offer sellers increased flexibility to unlock new commerce experiences and help ensure they never miss a sale. The solution also gives customers the convenience of using contactless credit or debit cards, as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay.