Building A Bridge To The Next Generation Of Commerce

Millennial is now a generational definition that encompasses both those just leaving their parents’ home and entering college, and those paying a mortgage on their house and worrying about paying for their kids’ college. Those bridge millennials — with their digital orientation, extreme Amazon enthusiasm and willingness to try new things — are driving innovation across the board. And, fittingly enough, in cars — where the emerging generation of drivers are switching what they drive, how they commute, and what they expect to do when stopping to fill up. The goal is to make it work for millennials — in cars, in call centers, online and on mobile — because they aren’t the future of commerce. They are the present.

30-40: The age range of the bridge millennial consumer group.

25 percent: Share of bridge millennials who prefer Amazon when shopping online.

140,000: The number of convenience stores and gas stations linked through GasBuddy.

12.63 percent: Anticipated CAGR of the interactive voice-response system market through 2021.

300,000: The number of customers who have entered credentials to use Pay with GasBuddy.