Today In Data

Meeting Customers Wherever They Are (Literally)

Why deliver oneself to a store — and face the hassle of heat, crowds and parking — when the store can deliver itself to you, especially if that delivery might someday involve a real, “live” delivery bot rolling to your door? It might seem a bit far-fetched now, but the bots are built and automation is clearly on the rise. The big names in retail — like Walmart and Dunkin’ Donuts — are thinking about how they might offer consumers more by asking them to do less. With all that ambition, it’s no wonder that the increasing number of financial institutions (FIs) are planning to focus on payments innovation. It is what the market wants, after all.

32.84 percent: The share of FIs that plan to focus on payments innovation in the next three years.

350: The number of stores where Walmart is testing outdoor mPOS solutions.

2 billion: The number of donuts that Dunkin’ sells annually.

400 meters: The average length a Kiwi bot has to travel to complete its food delivery run.

30 percent: The share of human jobs that could be replaced by automation by 2030.