Today In Data

Capturing Commerce In Context


Consumers want convenience; in fact, they demand it. Instead of running to the grocery store, consumers are subscribing to meal kits for dinner and Amazon for paper towels. “Netflix and chill” has moved beyond a marketing catchphrase into an actual lifestyle — albeit one that is getting less chill with the addition of workout routines. The challenge of the future will be to build out context for commerce so it’s truly global and accessible for all — and then to make sure those systems are both secure and compliant through an ever-changing host of regulations. Those changes won’t happen overnight, but according to the experts, they’ll happen faster than most people think, and are already underway.

65 percent: The share of leading subscription services that offer free trials.

41.1 percent: Global growth of streaming services in 2017.

12: The number of markets iZettle serves today.

10 years: WePay CEO Rich Aberman’s estimated timeframe for consumers gaining the ability to transact on any platform seamlessly and securely.

0: The number of days left before GDPR regulations go into effect.