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Today In Data: Unlocking The Global Power Of Payments

While mobile payments did quite explode onto the scene in the ways forecast, the power of payments to power platforms is rapidly changing the shape of commerce in the U.S. and around the world. And more than changing how consumers pay, the power of paying on mobile is also changing how people think about shopping – or what types of payments strategies contribute to an ownership model that works for them. It also means that the players on the field – even the ones logging strong signs of success these days – are already future-proofing the next wave of mobile competitors (like voice AIs) that are taking the field.


$3 billion: Projected value of transactions made by digital platforms in Africa by 2023.

$235 million: Yelp’s advertising revenue in Q2 2018.

70 – 75 percent: The amount of consumers Grover can approve via its gadget rental platform.

60 percent: Forecasted combined total market share of Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay by 2023.

15 percent: The amount Yelp’s stock is up year-on-year after its earnings report; prior to the news, it has been down 9 percent.


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