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Payment And Retail Integration Flows From Many Digital Fronts

Payment And Retail Integration Goes Digital

One of the main goals of digital payments and retail is to encourage seamless connections – and not just when it comes to transactions. Smart operators are figuring out how to integrate payments into not only the workforce, but also the workflow. A growing marketplace operator is targeting sales to cash-strapped consumers — and offering zero-interest, debit-based loans at the point of sale. And when it comes to call center commerce, tech experts are figuring out how to tie together artificial intelligence and human expertise to better fight fraudsters and provide more efficient consumer experiences. Even Google and its parent company Alphabet are upping their integration game, embedding movies within online ads and other efforts at ecosystem expansion.


17 million: The number of views captured by embedding the entirety of the Lego movie within the ad for the film.

300,000+: User base of Zebit, an online retail marketplace and underwriter for POS, debit-based loans.

9.2 percent: Year-over-year revenue jump for companies using AI.

80 percent: Share of U.S. consumers living paycheck-to-paycheck.

$6.49 billion: Q4 sales for Alphabet’s “other revenue,” including cloud services and hardware.